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4 judges Exposes the lies been spread on Death of Judge Loya

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In a big development in the Judge Loya case, the Maharashtra government has confirmed on Monday in the Supreme Court that 4 judges have given written testimonies that there was no foul play involved in the case.

The case is now transferred out of Bombay High Court to the CJI bench; the Supreme Court will now hear all petitions in the case.

Supreme Court has also directed all the parties to file all the documents they are in possession of with regard to the Justice Loya death Case. CJI headed 3-Judge bench has said that all documents, all petitions is to be put

Republic TV has exclusively accessed the testimonies provided by the four judges:

Testimony 1: Shrikant Kulkarni
Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority

‘Shri Loya succumbed to death due to massive heart attack on early morning of 1st December 2014’

Testimony 2: Shriram Modak
Principal District Judge, Pune

‘In a car we took judge Loya to Dande Hospital. After initial checkup, doctor advised to shift him to another hospital’

Testimony 3: Vijay Barde
District Court, City Civil Court, Mumbai

‘When I took the car in the porch of Meditrina Hospital, Shri Loya Sir didn’t wake up and rushed on a stretcher to ICU’

Testimony 4: RR Rathi
District Judge, Baramati

‘Mr Loya complained about severe chest pain. His face was sweating and he was continuously telling about severe chest pain and heart burn’

Judge Loya, who was hearing the sensitive Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case, had allegedly died of cardiac arrest in Nagpur on December 1, 2014, when he had gone to attend the wedding of a colleague’s daughter.

However, Loya’s son had on January 14 said in Mumbai that his father died of natural causes and not under suspicious circumstances.

The top court had asked the Maharashtra government earlier in the month to submit the postmortem report of the CBI judge who had died under mysterious circumstances, asserting that the “matter was very serious.”

According to reports, Maharashtra-based journalist B.S. Lone and activist Tehseen Poonavala had filed independent pleas seeking a fair probe into the mysterious death of Justice Loya, who was hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, in which various police officers and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah were named as parties.



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