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Amit Shah blasts out brutally over Congress JDS Alliance throws out Questions

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah, while addressing the media on Monday, said BJP emerged as the single largest party in the state. He thanked the people of Karnataka and party workers for making it possible. Slamming the Congress for its rule in Karnataka, Shah said 3,700 farmers committed suicide in the state in last five years. He added that BJP went into the election on the basis of the work done by Narendra Modi government for Karnataka and said he is proud that it came out as the single largest party.

Shah said half of Congress ministers lost the election and those who won, did it by a very close margin. “This mandate is Anti-Congress,” Shah added. He said that since no party got the majority, it was the single largest party’s right to form the government in the state and if BJP had not done that, it would have been against people’s mandate. “We went from 40 seats to 104 seats in Karnataka, the mandate was against Congress,” he said.

The senior BJP leader asked JD(S) and Congress why they are celebrating. “Their ministers lost, their chief minister lost. So why are they celebrating?” he asked.

“What is the Congress celebrating? More than half of their ministers lost, CM Siddaramaiah lost from one seat. Similarly, why is JDS celebrating? For getting 37 seats?” he added. Shah said that in 13 seats, the Bharatiya Janata Party lost with a margin which was even less than NOTA.


He took on Congress by reminding it that since 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party has won 14 seats. “What is bigger – losing 9 LS by-polls or losing 14 states? Congress must answer,” he asked, while calling the Congress-JD(S) alliance an unholy one. “JD(S) formed an alliance with Congress against the people’s mandate. This is an ‘unholy alliance’,” Shah added.

Talking about the audio tapes released by Congress ahead of BS Yeddyurappa’s floor test, Amit Shah said that even the Congress leaders have accepted that the audio tapes were false and it was released to influence the case in the Supreme Court.

Shah said that he hopes that the Opposition likes EVMs and Election Commission even when they lose. “Now they (Congress) like EVM&Election Commission. It’s a good sign that opposition now likes both of them even after what they have in hand is an incomplete victory. All I can say is hopefully they like EVM&Election Commission even when they lose & abide by SC’s order,” he said.

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