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Busted:The real data behind who owns how much in India

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Rahul Gandhi gets his data wrong, again!

In a stinging response to Rahul Gandhi, veteran journalist and tweeter Anand Ranganathan has taken Rahul Gandhi to task quoting the wrong numbers from the wrong source. There is no Oxfam research data for this. Rather the correct data can be found in a report of CreditSuisse, released in November 2017[1] (Table 6-5). Figure 1 shows the correct data.

Wealth distribution in India
Fig 1. Wealth distribution in India

The top 10% owns 73%, top 5% own 54% and the top 1% own 45%. It has become routine for Congress and its newly appointed president to shoot and scoot “facts” and not have the right data to back up the proclamations, and the same thing applies for AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal who is an expert in Shoot and Scoot

Perhaps Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal was basing his comments on this incorrect The Wire article, which falsely claims an OxFam report as saying that the top 1% of India owns 73% of its wealth[2]. The least Wire could have done was to verify the source of their data. At the end of the post, they claim that this article is based on inputs from PTI. So who got it wrong? PTI or TheWire?

Here’s the Story which was tweeted by none other than Rahul Gandhi

Now Here a Tweet from Arvind Kejriwal on the same story

Now In Series of Tweets from Anand Ranganathan Consulting Editor of NewsLaundry busted every argument that is being presented.










It is high time that media started behaving responsibly. Will PTI and TheWire retract their post? Will Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal apologize to the nation for getting facts wrong?

[1] Global Wealth Databook 2017 – Credit Suisse November 2017

[2] Richest 1% garnered 73% of India’s wealth – TheWire.in January 22, 2018

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