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Prakash Raj praised this Congress Leader’s son who brutally beats up a youth

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The Congress on Sunday expelled Mohammed Nalapad, the son of Shantinagar MLA NA Harris, from the party for assaulting a youth in Bengaluru. Nalapad has been suspended from the party for 6 years. Mohammed Haris Nalapad was the general secretary of the Bengaluru District Youth Congress.

This comes after the MLA’s son and his friends were seen beating up a youth in Bengaluru’s UB City on Saturday. The incident took place allegedly after a youngster named Vidwat, who had fractured his leg, stretched his feet towards the table where the MLA’s son was sitting. Offended, Nalapad thrashed Vidwat.

The youth was hospitalised and the MLA’s friends landed at the hospital warning him not to press charges. The medical report states that the injured youth was not under any kind of influence.

An FIR has registered against Nalapad and ten others.

Nalapad has a notorious history of attacking people in the past. He had earlier too, attacked a man, but then the police had refused to file an FIR.

Earlier Prakash Raj had endorsed this goon at a public function:


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