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Rajdeep tries to promote Congress candidate calling him non-corrupt and secular, but here’s the real face of the Candidate

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It is very well known that both Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife are big hypocrites and supporters of Congress for decades. So, it is very obvious that he will promote Congress candidate in every way possible. But Rajdeep Sardesai chose a very wrong person to promote this time.

During every election, Rajdeep lands in the poll-bound state and starts touring the state to collect opinions. But he more so skips the part where BJP gets appreciated for their work and only publishes the ones where Congress are praised. This time as well Rajdeep has landed in Karnataka and is touring Mangalore region where he has made a stupid blunder.

Rajdeep during his tour in Karnataka tweeted that he finally met a candidate who is very clean, noncorrupt and claimed that he never seeks the vote on caste or religion and calls him truly secular. The funny part is Rajdeep said his assets have not been increased even after being MLA.

But the real fact will embarrass Rajdeep badly. John Richard Lobo is an MLA from Mangalore who represents the Congress party. He was elected in 2013 assembly elections and is again contesting 2018 elections from Congress ticket.

According to Rajdeep, his assets did not increase even after getting elected as MLA and he does not seek votes in name of caste and religion. But days back there was an article in the paper about this man saying his assets have increased several times since the time he became MLA. John Lobo who claimed his assets to be Rs 3.07 crores in the year 2013, now had declared he has assets worth 7.27 crores in 2018. So in a span of 5 years, his assets also have increased consistently.

So, on when Lobo himself has agreed that his assets have increased, on what basis did Rajdeep claim that his assets remained same?! Also, Rajdeep claimed that Lobo never asks votes on basis of castes or religion and is truly secular.

But this same man had made a special appeal to CM Siddaramaiah asking him to declare a holiday on September 8, since the Catholic community celebrates the sacred Nativity feast, which is the birthday of Mother Mary. He had claimed that since there are a large number of Catholics residing in the coastal regions of DK and Udupi districts, he made a special appeal based on demands from various leaders of the Catholic community.

Why did the man who claims to be secular did not speak a word against the horrendous killing of more than 10 Hindu activists in the coastal Karnataka? Why did he not speak a word when the Siddaramaiah government stopped supplying food to Kallada School leaving thousands of kids starving? A man who took special interest to demand a holiday for Catholic community did not have the voice to question the killings of Hindu activists. Is this secularism???

In an interview in 2013, check what he had said about Law and Order situation in Mangalore, so what changes has he brought? Coastal Karnataka faced one of the worst riots and killings of Hindu activists in 5 years. What happened to his commitment?

But Rajdeep calls this person very innocent and secular…why?? What benefits does he get by promoting this man with fake claims? This is nothing but a gimmick played by all these media agents who project themselves to be very liberal and honest. But behind their every story and claims, there will be a sinister plan to help Congress win the elections and promote so-called seculars in the party.

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